Lionel Grand Central Express Passenger Train Set 6-30195


This Lionel train set is from 2014 but very rare to find in stock & we have it new in the box, factory sealed from the manufacturer Lionel

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One of America’s greatest transportation hubs and one of New York City’s most iconic buildings, Grand Central Terminal is a national institution and an international example of giving new life to an historic building that otherwise would have been destroyed. Over the course of its colorful, tumultuous, nearly 100-year history,Grand Central has become a destination for commuters, visitors and residents alike, boasting restaurants, cocktail lounges, a gourmet market, and numerous specialty shops. Its storied Vanderbilt Hall, once the receiving area for travelers, is now a major public events space.

As it celebrates its Centennial in 2013, Grand Central Terminal stands today as one of New York City’s most famous landmarks-from its marble halls to its priceless Tiffany clock that serves as a favorite meeting place for both New Yorkers and visitors from around the world from its singular facade adorned with the Roman god Mercury, to the evocative view of the stars on its massive interior vault.

Yes, it’s beautiful. And yes, it’s historic. But more than a landmark, Grand Central Terminal serves as the irreplaceable heart of New York’s integrated (and integral) transportation system – the thing that keeps the city itself running.

Every day 750,000 people pass through its storied hallways. It is a living, breathing monument to public transportation. A testament to the fact that bold ideas, when executed with vigor and precision, can remain as vital and important as they were 100 years ago.

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Rail Line: New York Central
Gauge: O Gauge
Scale Type: Traditional
Brand: Lionel
Min Curve: O27
Dimensions: Set Length: 52 1/2″ / Layout Dimensions: 40″ x 60″
Most Recent Catalog: 2014 Lionel Ready-to-Run Catalog



Lionel Trains is the top train manufacturer in the world since 1900

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